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Youth Volleyball Camps

Posted by Chatfield Charger Volleyball at May 9, 2019 10:44PM PDT

We are excited to offer Youth Volleyball Camps this July at Chatfield Senior High School! For more information or to register please visit

All camps will be run by Head Coach Stephanie Schick and assisted by Chatfield Volleyball high school athletes. Campers will receive a T-shirt and some cool giveaways! Items to bring: athletic shoes and a water bottle – kneepads are great but not required!

Youth Volleyball Camps
1st-3rd Grades
This camp will be an introduction to volleyball for our youngest athletes. No volleyball experience is required. We’ll lower the nets, use lighter volleyballs, and introduce the basic skills – and the fun! – of volleyball.

4th-6th Grades
This camp will focus on the six basic skills of volleyball – serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, digging – but with attention to a younger athlete’s ability. No volleyball experience is required. We’ll use low nets and lighter volleyballs to increase and encourage success – it’s more fun that way!

7th & 8th Grade
This camp will focus on the six basic skills of volleyball: Serving / Passing / Setting / Attacking / Blocking / Digging. We will also introduce our program’s most-loved team drills and include small competitions.

Looking for stuff to do this summer?

Check out any college volleyball program for their camp schedules:
> CU, CSU, Air Force, Regis University, CCU, DU, or Metro
> Look for an “Individual Skills” camp if your daughter is interested in specializing (there are serving camps, hitting camps, setting camps, etc.) or an “All Skills” camp if she’s just interested in everything volleyball.

Denver-area volleyball clubs can be found on They usually post a summer schedule of camps too.

Athletes can also get lots of experience and have lots of fun in any leagues that are held around town — doubles, 3-on-3, indoor/outdoor, etc.

Increasing beach volleyball opportunities are available – check out Yeti Beach or Flourish Beach for nearby options.

Please contact me with any questions. I’m looking forward to next season!

Stephanie Schick
Chatfield Senior High
Volleyball Head Coach

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful winter break and that the new year is off to a great start! All of the important Chatfield Volleyball dates are now listed on the Calendar tab. These include the Informational Parent Meeting, Open Gyms, Camps, and Tryouts.

2019, here we come!

Stephanie Schick
Chatfield Senior High
Volleyball Head Coach

MANY THANKS to everyone who turned out last weekend for our Regional Championship! We appreciate everybody who came to cheer on our varsity crew. Our team had two great victories over Arapahoe and Rampart to earn a spot in the State Tournament for the FIFTH year in a row!

The State Tournament will take place at the Denver Coliseum this weekend on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 8-10. Here’s the link for the 5A bracket.

We have earned the #9 seed in this 12-team tournament. The tournament is set up as a double elimination bracket which becomes single elimination once we get to the semifinals.

Our first match will be on Thursday morning at 8:00am against #8 Denver East. We plan to win that match and play again on Thursday at 2:00pm. It would be awesome to have as many fans in the stands as we can!

Tickets for this tournament cost $12/day for adults and $10/day for students and seniors. Also, it costs $10 to park at the Coliseum.

The NFHS network will be streaming all matches during the State Tournament – live video coverage for all matches can be found here.


Chatfield Charger Volleyball will host the Regional Tournament on Saturday, November 3rd at Chatfield. The top 36 teams in 5A make this first round of playoffs and our Varsity team has secured the #10 seed overall. The seeding for our Regional Tournament will be:

  1. Chatfield (#10)
  2. Rampart (#15)
  3. Arapahoe (#27)

The winner of this three-team tournament will advance to the State Tournament at the Denver Coliseum November 8-10th.

The playoff schedule for this Saturday will be:

4:00pm Arapahoe vs. Chatfield
5:30pm Arapahoe vs. Rampart
7:00pm Rampart vs. Chatfield

Help us pack the stands!